September 2016 Executive Roundtable

This roundtable kicked-off a day early to network and share regulatory updates with AscdiNATD. After getting to know our counterparts at AscdiNATD through introductions, Neil Vill of World Data shared some interesting facts about the IT services industry in Minnesota and other cities around the world with a high penetration of providers. The conversation continued with updates from Andrew Shore and MN Senator’s updates on the regulatory landscape and various initiatives underway before turning it over to our keynote speaker, Thom Singer. An accomplished and riveting speaker, Thom addressed the importance of networking and acknowledgement. We then put Thom’s advice into practice in a joint cocktail and dinner reception.

SIA’s roundtable continued on Thursday September 8 at FieldNation’s beautiful offices overlooking Minneapolis, MN. After a quick introduction by Tom York, SIA Board President, and Mynul Kahn, FieldNation’s CEO, FieldNation’s CMO, Billy Cripe, walked us through a comprehensive outlook of workforce management systems and variable workforce models. Afterwards, CDE Solutions addressed the complexities of PCI compliance before Service Express talked about the same subject in Data. FieldNation then graciously toured us around their amazing facility, designed for easy changes based on each team’s requirements and interests. The day ended with an interesting discussion about growth in Data lead by Delta Computer Group. FieldNation made one last (amazing) appearance, hosting all attendees for a fun and authentic meal at The Local, a nearby Irish pub.