SIA collaborates with like-minded service supply chain organizations who support enhancing the high technology industry by promoting an open environment of interdependence and co-operation between manufacturers, independent servicers and users providing value-adding solutions for customers.

North American Association of Telecom Dealers

The Association of Service and Computer Dealers and the North American Association of Telecom Dealers (Ascdi/NATD) is a not for profit association of companies that buy, sell and service computer, telecom and other technical equipment and solutions.


Closely aligned with SIA, ASCDI/NATD:

The Repair Association

The Repair Association, previously the Digital Right to Repair Coalition, was formed in 2013. The Association represents everyone involved in repair of technology—from DIY hobbyists and independent repair technicians, to environmental organizations and the aftermarket.

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Free ICT Europe

Free ICT Europe (FIE) is a not-for-profit foundation actively promoting the ICT Secondary Market within Europe. ICT’s objective is to secure the right of  ownership and the freedom for consumers and businesses alike to freely choose their providers to trade, maintain and repair.


ICT focuses on addressing the restrictive practices undertaken by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), ensuring serviceability, and promoting common standards for reuse and resale of equipment and software and achieving contract transparency to protect end users against unfair business practices.


Gartner is a global provider of market intelligence, advisory services, and studies for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets.


Working closely with Gartner, SIA offers members exclusive access to Gartner research. By participating in Gartner’s world-class benchmarking studies, members also have the opportunity to compare operational performance against industry aggregates.