The Field Team Can Be The Catalyst To Spreading A Service Culture

Aly Pinder, Jr., sr. research analyst for service management, Aberdeen Group,

Does the service team drive your business? Are your field technicians doing more for your brand than ever before?

The answer to both questions should be yes if your organization hopes to drive profitability and embrace the evolution that is making customers the centerpiece of viable businesses. Unfortunately, there are still too many organizations that have not started this transformation. As seen in Aberdeen’s Service Culture in 2015: Creating an Environment of the Customer research (June 2015), the top reason organizations are struggling is they remain too product-focused even though the market has changed. Customers demand better service, the service business has the ability to drive revenues, and the field team adds differentiable value. All three of these areas are linked and make it imperative that organizations foster a culture of service that begins in the field but travels all the way to the back office.

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“Mobile is one of the biggest disruptive forces technology has seen and there is simply no debate – organizations have to put mobile at the core of their content strategies,” said Doug Miles, AIIM’s Chief Analyst. “It has changed forever the way people work and collaborate, and workers need to access enterprise content via mobile. The good news is that many organizations have acknowledged this and mobile emerged as the biggest area for future ECM investment in our research.”

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