Technogroup Expands Its Market Leadership

After acquiring Econocom Managed Services AG a year ago and successfully integrating its employees and clients, Technogroup IT-Service GmbH in Hochheim has made another acquisition: tradefinity maintenance GmbH. Based in Frankfurt with a branch in Hamburg ,tradefinity maintenance GmbH is a manufacturer-independent company that specialises in IT maintenance and services with sixteen skilled staff and a profitable turnover of EUR 2.5 million last year.

The company maintains current as well as older IT systems, and provides its customers with support for technology changes, installations, migrations and training. According to Alfried Netzband, Managing Partner of Technogroup IT-Services GmbH, tradefinity maintenance GmbH will initially continue as an independent company. “Thomas Wolff, a long-term business partner currently working as a sales director with us, will be appointed as the new managing director. His task will be to further develop the current business and customer relationships in close cooperation with our Management Team.” Based at our headquarters in Frankfurt, Thomas Wolff will concentrate on consolidating and linking the broad spectrum of mutual synergies and contacts resulting from the acquisition, adding a further important milestone in our journey towards the development of an International Partner Network and Trading Platform.

Over the last few years, Technogroup has continued to grow at a faster pace than the market. Achieving this has involved organic growth but also the acquisition of suitable companies. Technogroup’s growth strategy gives its customers and partners the security and confidence of working together with a large, well-known service provider that is able to provide a high level of efficient, reliable service performance and a very broad range of specialized IT skills. By taking into account, the key factors for success of security, confidence and efficient service. Technogroup furnishes its customers and partners with the ideal prerequisites for continued success in today’s globally competitive market.