Service Industry Association (SIA) 2012 Summit best of class of all conferences

Motorola, United Airlines, IBM and FedEx along with leaders from around the world participated to discuss current and future technology service insights

SAN DIEGO, CA. March 21, 2012 –

The Service Industry Association (SIA), a non-profit association of enterprises involved in the support of high-technology products, announced the results from the evaluations were highest in history. According to Joe Pothier of Belmont Technology “this was the best conference I have ever attended anywhere and I have attended conferences all over the world.” Still others such as Craig Youngblood of LMS said “in the 15 years I have attended the SIA Summit this was the best content, speakers and networking ever and SIA earned it’s tagline of promoting partnerships. I witnessed partnerships being made minute-by- minute.” The Summit for Service Leaders was held March 11-13, 2012 in Las Vegas. Celebrating its 27th anniversary, the event included the industry leaders in the aftermarket high tech service industry. This year, the Summit highlights included a 9-month study of technology service insights by industry leaders with summit participants from member companies from the U.S., Canada, UK, Scotland, Australia, and Singapore sharing credible information about current and future service and technology requirements.

Other results from the summit will include an education process of the high tech industry customers and end-users so they can better understand the relevance of the independent service industry which provides a competitive solution, thereby keeping their service costs down while providing improved services with a greater variety of those services. Over the past 18 months SIA has established an International Customer Competitiveness Council, which studies and reports on policies from OEM’s, some of which are adversary to their best interest. Since SIA is the association that promotes customer choices, “we will continue to be the customer advocacy association looking out for their interests around the globe. The SIA’s goal is to equip our members with the information and resources that will help them thrive in the markets they service and compete on a level playing field, here and around the globe” said Claudia Betzner, Executive Director of SIA.

The Mission of Service Industry Association is to create a forum where service partnerships are made and business transactions are completed and to serve as a forum where every member can enhance their business and to take collective action for the betterment of the industry whenever necessary. SIA was founded in 1985 as the leading trade association for companies engaged in the repair of electronic hardware and those that support the high tech service industry. The SIA has been instrumental in fighting for the rights of end users in the Right to Repair Act, now part of the DMCA in 1998, many Friend of the Court Briefs, White Papers and Complaints filed with the Department of Justice to the U.S., European Council, and Canadian Commission in support of open and competitive service.