Record-Breaking European Roundtable

Organizations from around the region, and around the world, come together at SIA’s latest roundtable

The Service Industry Association (SIA), a global organization of companies who support the high technology service supply chain, announced the success of its October roundtable, held in Germany. Hosted by Technogroup-IT Service’s region headquarters in Hochheim, the meeting hosted member and non-member companies, primarily headquartered in Europe, to discuss IT service industry trends and changes.

151009_B_137“With the highest number of potential members attending an SIA roundtable in the last 5 years, it is evident that the positive trajectory in the IT service industry is continuing,” commented Tom York, President, SIA Board and President/CEO, Essintial Enterprise Solutions. “SIA is the only industry association completely focused on companies supporting the lifecycle of high technology. This is a diverse, robust – and international – community who requires information and resources, which only the SIA provides. The future is bright for our industry, and for our association.”

The program, held October 9, kicked-off with discussions by two investment banking firms who discussed IT services and support in Europe for mid-market companies, including a growing interest in merger sand acquisitions. Both Lenovo and Huawei, OEMs (manufacturers) who offer service through their own support operations and through partnerships with SIA members, addressed the importance of these relationships to their success. Other important topics – intellectual property, end-user rights, and Big Data – were also topics on the agenda reviewed by industry experts.

The last two roundtables of the year, November 5 in Singapore and December 3 in San Diego, will continue SIA’s efforts to provide members with information and access to peers, partners, and competitors to set business strategy and develop relationships that support personal and professional growth objectives. Find out more at

About the SIA

The mission of SIA to enhance the high technology industry by promoting an open environment of interdependence and co-operation between manufacturers, independent servicers and users by providing value-adding solutions for customers. The SIA was founded in 1985 as the leading trade association for companies engaged in the repair of electronic hardware and in support of the high tech service industry. Today, members include companies from the Americas, Europe, and APAC that support the high technology service supply chain. The supported high technology products and environments supported include data centers, laptops, point of sale (POS) technologies, printers, networking technologies, servers, and storage devices. Throughout its history, the SIA has been instrumental in fighting for the rights of high technology end users and supports all owners’ rights groups for open and competitive service. Learn more about the SIA at

Upcoming SIA events include:

  • November 5, 2015 – Roundtable: Singapore
  • December 3, 2015 – Roundtable: San Diego, California
  • April 10-12, 2016 – Global Executive Summit for Service Leaders: Las Vegas, Nevada