IDC Q1 2016 Update

2016 areas of interest for the IDC support team as reported by Rob Brothers, Program Vice President Software & Hardware Support and Deploy Services:

Security support and services – Martha Vasquez (a recent hire) will be teaming with Christina Richmond (our security services expert) on a large Multi-client study based on the importance of security services and how and what services customers are attaching in this highly connected world we live in.  Martha will also be helping me in the IoT support initiative.

Elaina will be continuing to watch the effects of cloud and cloud support and how HW vendors need to closely watch the transitions customers will be looking for as Software-defined becomes more prevalent…

As for myself – I will be hard at work on the HW support customer satisfaction study results and updating and creating a couple of new marketscapes.  Later in the year I will be looking to dive further in to IoT and how support crosses over to non-IT assets.  I will also be looking to do a multi-client study on storage support services, think of it as the attach rate study for storage but teaming with Paul Hughes to look at other storage services offerings that are of interest to enterprises.

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