IDC Q2 2016 Quarterly Update

Q2 2016 areas of interest for the IDC support team as reported by Rob Brothers, Program Vice President Software & Hardware Support and Deploy Services:

We had a very successful execution of a customer satisfaction study for support of the major technologies (servers, storage, networking, and converged systems).  We plan on a few marketscapes around that before the end of the year, our guess is about 2 due to some high demands for market sizing and the effect cloud is having on the support market.  Very interesting work if anyone is interested.  As always please let us know on topic areas that would be of interest.

Google Cloud in the Enterprise: Opportunities for Differentiation Through Support

Mar 2016 | Doc #lcUS41157916 | IDC Link 

Elaina Stergiades


On-Demand Live Phone Support: Samsung Expands Support Functionality in Samsung+ App

Mar 2016 | Doc #lcUS41158016 | IDC Link 

Elaina Stergiades


Set and Forget It, Part 2: The Impact of “Proactive” Support

Mar 2016 | Doc #US41052615 | Industry Development and Models 

Rob Brothers


Deployment Services for x86 Servers

Mar 2016 | Doc #US41056515 | IDC Survey 

Rob Brothers


Worldwide x86 Attach Rate Study, 2015

Feb 2016 | Doc #US41016815 | IDC Survey 

Rob Brothers


CenturyLink: Expanding Managed Security Services Capabilities

Mar 2016 | Doc #US41152216 | Vendor Profile 

Robert AyoubChristina RichmondMartha Vazquez


Verizon Displays Security Services Capabilities at RSA Conference 2016

Mar 2016 | Doc #US41081816 | Flash 

Christina RichmondMartha Vazquez


IBM Acquires Resilient Systems and Bolsters Incident Response Services

Mar 2016 | Doc #lcUS41080016 | IDC Link 

Christina RichmondRobert WesterveltMartha Vazquez