IDC Q1 2017 Update

Message from Rob Brothers – Vice President, Datacenter and Support & Deploy Services, IDC
Once again lots happening in the services market. Recent studies have been showing customers using more proactive services, and an uptake of new on premise IT consumption models.
Below is a list of documents published in the Software and Hardware Support and Deployment Program.

How Quickly Will PC-as-a-Service Adopters Shift to the New PC Procurement Model?

Apr 2017 Doc #US42464317 IDC Survey Spotlight 

Dell Technologies Reports FY 4Q17 and FY17 Results While Outlining Strategy, Integration, and Execution Goals

Apr 2017 Doc #lcUS42455717 IDC Link 

When Software “Eats the World,” Who’s Responsible for Fixing the Tractor?

Mar 2017 Doc #lcUS42438817 IDC Link 

HPE Invigorating TS Division with a Rebrand to Pointnext

Mar 2017 Doc #lcUS42437517 IDC Link 

Keep Downtime Out of a Mission-Critical Environment: Best Practices

Mar 2017 Doc #US42399916 IDC Perspective 

Assisting Digital Transformation Through Services: Cisco Profile

Mar 2017 Doc #US42387917 Vendor Profile 

IDC's Worldwide Services Taxonomy, 2017

Mar 2017 Doc #US42356617 Taxonomy 

Dimension Data Perspectives, 2017: Investments in Tools and Technologies to Drive Services-Led Client-Centric Experience

Mar 2017 Doc #lcUS42417617 IDC Link 

Worldwide (Clientless) Remote Support Software Forecast, 2017–2020

Mar 2017 Doc #US42293417 Market Forecast 

Top Problems in the Datacenter

Mar 2017 Doc #US42346417 IDC Survey Spotlight 

SMS and Curvature Merge to Provide More Holistic Services for Enterprise Customers

Feb 2017 Doc #lcUS42298817 IDC Link 

Dell Financial Services Moves Closer to "As a Service" with OpenScale Payment Solutions

Feb 2017 Doc #US42288917 Market Note 

VMware FY 4Q16: Balanced Quarter Caps a Solid Year of Transformation

Feb 2017 Doc #lcUS42291717 IDC Link