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Asset Management

  • Best Practices for Choosing an Asset Management Service Provider – 7/6/2016
    • Asset-intensive organizations regularly invest in asset management process improvement and the technology to support it. These initiatives often require engaging with an experienced external service provider. Gartner has created a set of recommendations for CIOs to support the selection process.
  • Using Advanced Analytics to Predict Equipment Failure – 5/29/2015
    • A growing number of organizations in asset-intensive industries are investing in advanced analytics to help them predict the failure of mission-critical equipment or assets. We explore best practices for improving the effectiveness and efficiency of these predictive asset management initiatives.


IT Cost Optimization

IT Management

IT Metrics

  • IT Key Metrics Data 2016: Small and Midsize Enterprise Executive Summary – 12/24/2015
    • This research contains enterprise-level IT investment, cost and staffing metrics for 21 vertical industries in the midmarket, collected throughout 2015 from a global audience of CIOs and IT leaders. It provides an overall summary of the ITKMD Key Industry Measures SMB published research.
  • IT Key Metrics Data 2016: Key Infrastructure Measures: End-User Computing Analysis: Current Year – 12/14/2015
    • This research contains high-level End-User Computing cost efficiency and support staff productivity ratios. Information provided was collected throughout 2015 from a global audience. Key cost and support distributions as well as metrics based on the environment scale are also included.
  • IT Key Metrics Data 2016: Executive Summary – 12/4/2015
    • This research contains enterprise-level IT investment, cost and staffing metrics, as well as business productivity ratios for 21 vertical industries, collected throughout 2015 from a global audience. It provides an overall summary of the IT Key Metrics Data: Key Industry Measures published research.

IT Service

  • Magic Quadrant for IT Service Support Management Tools – 8/25/2015
    • IT service support management tools are vital for infrastructure and operations organizations to manage support and delivery of IT services. This Magic Quadrant research profiles key vendors of enterprise ITSSM tools to help I&O leaders make better selections.
  • Market Definitions and Methodology: IT Services – 10/29/2014
    • The research methodologies, segmentation, definitions and research metrics used for regularly published IT services regional and country-level market share and forecast statistics are detailed and updated in this report.

IT Spend

  • Forecast Alert: IT Spending, Worldwide, 1Q16 Update – 4/6/2016
    • Gartner’s forecast for worldwide dollar-valued IT spending growth in 2016 has been revised to negative 0.5%, down from last quarter’s 0.5%. Currency fluctuations are chiefly responsible for the change as, in constant-currency terms, forecast growth for 2016 is virtually unchanged at 1.6%.


  • The Demise of the Operating Lease Requires Close Collaboration to Minimize Transition Risk – 6/16/2016
    • The recently announced FASB and IASB lease accounting standards will eliminate off-balance-sheet operating lease financing by YE18 for terms greater than 12 months. Technology procurement leaders must collaborate closely with finance and IT to evaluate and manage the material impact.
  • Magic Quadrant for IT Asset Disposition, Worldwide – 12/18/2014
    • As a refresh of Gartner’s December 2013 Magic Quadrant for ITAD, Worldwide, we assess the abilities of 13 significant vendors in the ITAD market to help CIOs and IT leaders select the right solutions for their specific regional and global ITAD requirements.


  • Run, Grow and Transform the Business IT Spending: Approaches to Categorization and Interpretation – 6/27/2016
    • Business transformations of all kinds will drive CIOs and other strategic stakeholders to better categorize the value of investments. Use “run, grow and transform the business” views of IT spending as a catalyst for effective communication, decisions and forecasting.
  • Employ These Four Best Practices to Reduce Network Maintenance Costs – 4/7/2016
    • Over its useful life, maintenance/support charges for network infrastructure can exceed the price paid for the product itself. To reduce network maintenance costs by 25% annually, I&O sourcing leaders should implement the best practices outlined in this research.
  • Using Gartner’s TCIO Model to Optimize Costs, 2016 – 2/26/2016
    • Requiring only six readily available data inputs, Gartner’s total cost of infrastructure and operations model helps I&O leaders optimize costs, develop business cases and make key budget decisions.
  • IT Key Metrics Data 2016: Key Industry Measures: Cross Industry Analysis: Current Year – 12/14/2015
    • This research contains enterprise-level IT spending, staffing and cost metrics, as well as business productivity ratios across all industries (“Cross Industry”) in aggregate. Information provided was collected throughout 2015 from a global audience of CIOs and IT Leaders.
  • Predicts 2016: Servers Changing Roles in the Data Center – 12/4/2015
    • Servers are about to take a broader role in data center architecture, as new memory capabilities, software network appliances and hyperconverged architectures make current hardware obsolete. Data center managers must plan new server deployment strategies for 2018, to cut costs and gain flexibility.
  • Navigating Global PC Hardware Delivery and Service Options – 8/25/2015
    • Global organizations turning to VARs to meet their PC HW requirements are discovering that there are no truly global VARs. As a result, IT leaders and procurement specialists may be compelled to work with multiple partners and/or pay a premium for third-party PC HW delivery and support.
  • Forecast Overview: Product Support Services, Worldwide, 2015 Update – 8/19/2015
    • Some product support service spending will erode, due to SaaS and infrastructure as a service. However, the annuity nature of contracts and strong vendor lock-in will enable some product support market growth during the next five years.
  • Know When It’s Time to Replace Enterprise Network Equipment – 3/4/2015
    • Network managers must find a balance between maximizing installed equipment lifetime and jeopardizing network availability. To prioritize investments and minimize outages, they must understand factors that affect product life and events that trigger a replacement, then set a strategy for support.
  • Competitive Landscape: IT Domestic Services, China – 2/11/2015
    • As a dynamic and emerging market, China spurs huge competition and offers large opportunities to service providers. This research offers insights to IT services providers on how to differentiate themselves and strategize in order to negotiate in China’s competitive landscape.
  • How to Reduce Network Equipment Maintenance Costs – 5/13/2014
    • Each year, maintenance costs swallow 15% to 25% of total enterprise IT budgets, and network managers must constantly reduce and control these expenses. Gartner has identified four ways to decrease network maintenance and support costs that can be applied to all types of networking equipment.
  • Competitive Landscape: Multivendor Support, Asia/Pacific – 2/18/2014
    • The multivendor support services market in Asia/Pacific is fragmented and geographically disparate. It has, however, considerable opportunities for providers that can offer reliable and consistent quality support across the region.
  • Learn the Do’s and Don’ts of Contract Negotiation – 8/7/2013
    • IT leaders can achieve contract savings of 20% or more by applying a disciplined, standards-based approach to their engagements with vendors. These guidelines will enable IT leaders to assume the initiative in contract negotiations, potentially saving large amounts of money.

Managed Services

  • IT Infrastructure Monitoring Tools: Best of Breed or a Suite? – 10/27/2015
    • IT infrastructure monitoring suites have broad, integrated functionality, and best-of-breed monitoring tools have deep, nonintegrated functionality. Choose an IT infrastructure monitoring suite to monitor a heterogeneous enterprise environment; use complementary functionality and tools where needed.
  • Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics – 2/1/2016
    • NPMD solutions play a key role in helping IT ops support increasingly complex technologies and services with network visibility, detection of performance issues and root cause analysis. Vendors continue to innovate with operational analytics, integrated GUIs and more flexible deployment options.


  • Magic Quadrant for Data Center Networking – 5/16/2016
    • Data center networking continues to evolve, with increasing choices for open and disaggregated network solutions, while other vendors aim for more closed, proprietary systems. Enterprises should evaluate different vendor approaches and architectures, with a particular focus on software capabilities.

OPEX Expense

  • Opex vs. Capex: CIOs Should Partner With CFOs – 5/21/2015
    • Often, enterprise IT spending decisions are made on whether spending can be capitalized or not. With changes in delivery models, CIOs need to have a firm understanding of capitalization and partner with CFOs to ensure the right IT investments are made.


  • IT Procurement Transformation Must Start Now to Make You Successful in 2020 – 10/29/2015
    • IT procurement professionals are so engrossed in endless, day-to-day negotiations that they are overlooking the warning signs demanding radical transformation of their culture, organization, processes and overarching value to the business. Will your IT procurement organization matter in 2020?


  • Magic Quadrant for Modular Servers – 5/23/2016
    • Any server that is hosted by a dedicated chassis or enclosure is termed a modular server by Gartner. The market chiefly comprises blade and multinode servers. I&O leaders should use this research to help choose both the right form factor and the right vendor for new projects.


  • Magic Quadrant for Integrated Systems – 8/11/2015
    • The integrated system market is in continuous flux. Traditional blade- and SAN-based integrated systems are now being joined by hyperconverged integrated systems, while disaggregated systems and software-defined anything are set to transform the market further.

Used Hardware

  • Used-Hardware Resellers Offer Hardware and Support Cost Savings – 2/5/2015
    • IT procurement professionals are increasingly evaluating used-hardware resellers and third-party maintenance providers to reduce costs and extend the functional life of IT assets. This is a viable strategy, but some risks must be identified and assessed early in the procurement cycle.


SIA offers its members exclusive access to relevant Gartner reports. This is a special value to members only: please do not extend this privilege to non-members.