Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Our vision for SIA (Independent Service Provider) is to become the global community of choice by 2022, where executive professionals from Independent Service Provider organizations seek valuable insights, collaboration, and networking opportunities.
The mission of SIA is to enhance the Independent Service Provider industry through comprehensive research and analysis of market data and trends, identifying best practices, and showcasing thought leadership. Additionally, we aim to provide advocacy for the overall industry’s growth and development.
SIA will offer valuable industry insights and points of view to its members through in-depth research, analysis, and reports on relevant market data and trends. Our goal is to keep our members informed and empowered with the latest knowledge and perspectives.
SIA offers a range of resources, including educational materials, reports, whitepapers, and thought leadership articles, to keep members informed about industry advancements, challenges, and opportunities.
SIA advocates for the industry by engaging in discussions with policymakers, government bodies, and other relevant stakeholders. We also support initiatives and policies that foster the growth and sustainability of Independent Service Providers.
SIA facilitates collaboration among its members by organizing annual and regional meetings, networking events, and educational programs. These platforms offer opportunities for members to connect, share ideas, and form valuable partnerships.
Networking with SIA provides numerous advantages, including access to a diverse community of professionals, potential business opportunities, and exposure to the latest industry trends and practices.