Board Member News

Congratulations to our long-term Board member in his retirement and welcome our newly appointed Board member!


Alfried Netzband, Managing Director of Technogroup located in Hochheim Germany, has announced his retirement at the end of 2020!  Alfried started Technogroup in 1990 and has grown it to be one of the premier service organizations in the world.

As a longtime member of the SIA, he has always been a great supporter of the industry as well as the Service Industry Association.  Alfried joined the board in 2015 where he was critical in our expansion, making the SIA truly an international organization.

Please join me in offering congratulations and our most sincere appreciation for Alfried’s service to the association and for a wonderful retirement as he leaves the industry!!

With Alfried’s retirement at the end of December 2020, I am pleased to announce the Board recommended and voted unanimously on the appointment of Klaus Stoeckert as a new Board member!

Klaus joins with many years of management and CEO experience in the IT and telecommunication industry.  He leads as the CEO of Technogroup, an Evernex company, a leading TPM company in Europe and as a member of the Executive Board of Evernex.

Klaus has many years of management experience as well as long experience in sales and key account management. As CEO of Unify Germany, formerly Siemens Enterprise Telecommunications, he turned the international IT market leader into a successful software and service company.

Klaus joined Technogroup as CEO in August 2019. As expert in leadership and sales during the digital journey, he focused on strengthening and expanding the position of Technogroup as the leading third party maintenance provider in the German-speaking region, enhancing the customer journey and a customer-oriented corporate culture. Following the merger with Evernex in July 2020, Klaus became in addition to his role at Technogroup also member of the Executive Board at Evernex and is responsible for the Central, Eastern & Northern Europe region.

Please join me and our fellow Board members in congratulating our long-term Board member, Alfried in his retirement and welcoming our new Board member, Klaus.