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Big Data Committee

What IS the Big Data Project?

Each member of the project will contribute their call data (securely and confidentially) into a data lake which performs analytics.  It does NOT matter how complete or what format the data is in, it will all be normalized and connected.

Stop making decisions with your “GUT”!  The insights that could be discovered for your company could include:

  • Labor planning and call volume projections
  • Risk assessment
  • Cost analysis
  • Parts planning

As a contributor, you will see how YOUR data stacks up against the group!  You will be able to benchmark yourself and have access to a data scientist to answer questions related to your business.

SIA members benefits:

  • Being the industry’s leading expert on post warranty maintenance
  • Insights for decision makers at every level of the technology buying cycle
  • Awareness of major discoveries and current trends

Contact [email protected] for further information.

Chair: Alfried Netzband, Managing Director at Technogroup

Committee Members:
Thomas Clauser, Vice President Business Intelligence, Essintial Enterprise Solutions
Dwight Strayer, COO Service Express

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