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OEM-Certified Sustainable Solutions

We offer a wide range of networking hardware solutions, all with a 100% focus on sustainability and alignment with our OEM partners.  Our OEM-Certified Pre-Owned (OEM-CPO) platform provides pre-owned equipment that comes with the same warranty and support options as if the product were new.  We offer this program along with our suite of value-added global services which include OEM-ITAD, procurement, sales, marketing, ecommerce and distribution.  Our OEM partners include some of the biggest brands in the industry, including Juniper Networks and Cisco.

Our platform reinforces the Circular Economy initiatives of both our OEM partners as well as their largest global customers.  End-user customers leverage OEM-CPO product to support their sustainability initiatives, keep legacy networks in service, and solve ongoing budget and lead-time issues.  Both the OEM and end-user rescue and re-harvest equipment and components, eliminating waste, ensuring network security and compliance. Most importantly, they avoid the environmental hazards of disposal.

We believe that environmental sustainability and the circular economy can be a profitable endeavor, bringing real economic gains as well as social benefit, by filling a market gap.   It has been our experience that programs related to the circular economy, and certified pre-owned in particular, offer a unique business model where participants on all sides can make money even as they embrace more altruistic goals.  Manufacturers gain sales revenue and new service contracts, and by not writing off scrap product, they achieve significant cost avoidance.

Customers regularly find it is a profitable decision to buy OEM certified pre-owned product that comes with OEM warranty and support, preventing significant costs related to compliance disputes, troubleshooting, maintenance, and network outages, as well as their own scrap and disposal costs.

For more than 25 years, the PureWrx team has built OEM focused circular economy programs for over 40 different brands in a variety of industries.  Our team is a passionate group that believe in doing what has never been done before – with integrity and honesty.

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