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We are a global IT service provider comprised of more than 4,000 permanent colleagues in more than 40 subsidiaries worldwide, we enable Device as a Service for the IT industry in 190+ countries.


In the late nineties, we started from nothing. Our CEO Ralph and our COO Darek have been working since the age of 15, starting as logistics clerks and finishing school in parallel.

It was an everyday struggle – until a young nerd came in with his broken Commodore C64. We treated him well and fixed his device. So his father came to pay the bill and asked us to provide regional field service for his employer Digital Equipment Inc. Since then, we have extended our services as a subcontractor for the IT industry – first from Germany to EMEA, then worldwide.

It took us 20 years to build Hemmersbach as it is today. We used blood, sweat and tears to get there. Transition by transition, ticket-by-ticket, invoice by invoice. Our vast hands on experience and our can do attitude made us become the problem solvers that we are today.

Business Principles 

  • Indirect Sales Only: We only work for the leading manufacturers and outsourcers in the IT industry
  • One Service Process Globally: For 20 years we have been building our own global workflow systems based on autonomic technologies. This provides for the highest possible grade of automation which guarantees cost and quality improvement.
  • Pay per User, Not per Hour: Hemmersbach as a managed service provider is paid for the outcome. Complexity and productivity risk is with Hemmersbach.

Service Models 

We empower IT industry leaders to offer Device as a Service (DaaS) everywhere. DaaS combines hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing into a single contract with a fee per device.

Tailor your DaaS offering according to your demands

  • Source – Product selection, image compatibility lab, procurement, financing and storage
  • Contract & Bill – Local end user contracting, invoicing in 40+ countries, tax and customs optimization
  • Configure – Image and application pre-installation, custom system settings, labelling and tagging, integration and packaging
  • Deploy  – Logistics and transport, installation and setup, data migration
  • Maintain – Field Service, IT-bars / lockers, staff augmentation, technical contact center, accidental damage protection
  • Recover – Device de-installation, data sanitation, recycling and remarketing


We do everything every day to offer our customers excellent services everywhere. Several ISO certificates verify our claim. But we don’t stop here: We set new and measurable goals every year. Moreover, Hemmersbach is committed to adhering to the highest standards of social, ethical and environmental responsibility. To visit our Direct action programs, please visit

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