Service Industry Association


Through thought leadership, access to best practices and research, advocacy, annual and regional meetings, and partnerships, the Service Industry Association (SIA) provides members the information and access to peers, partners, and competitors to set business strategy and develop relationships that support personal and professional growth objectives.

SIA provides:

  • Insight – a unique understanding of the marketplace and trends
  • Business Development – forums for businesses to connect directly and indirectly, creating opportunities to grow revenue, capabilities, and service offerings
  • Credibility – expertise from association with the association, directly and indirectly, through the associations’ thought leadership, PR, and other communications’ mediums
  • Information – data, benchmarks, and related information that can be applied to member organizations’ businesses to help drive improvements and growth
  • Advocacy – promotion of user choices, effective cooperation between manufacturers, independent service organizations, users, and customers, and adoption of new technologies, processes, and programs for the service supply chain.

SIA Member Benefits

  • Access to global service supply chain industry executives
  • Industry leader contribution and participation
  • Increased company visibility and awareness
  • Direct access to various constituents within the service supply chain

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