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Digital Right to Repair Coalition (DRTR) Proclaims IBM Has Damaged Owners’ Rights by Restricting Access to Defect Support

NORTH HALEDON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Buyers of IBM hardware were treated to a new pop-up on IBM Fix Central website in the US and the EU starting August 11, 2013. The screen announces that it is now necessary to input a serial number to validate the IBM maintenance contract status for any machine requiring a patch or […]

Digital Right to Repair Coalition (DRTR) asserts equipment owners rights under attack by Oracle

NORTH HALEDON, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The non-profit Digital Right to Repair Coalition believes Oracle is violating the rights of equipment owners to hire agents to repair any of their purchased equipment. “If we understand the recent complaint filed  against TPMs (Third-Party Maintainers), it appears Oracle is trying to prevent all forms of agent agreements, even when those agreements adhere to Oracle policy,” […]

DRTR for End Users

Digital Right to Repair Value for End Users Customers need TPM options in order to meet their budgetary goals. This piece connects their goals with Digital Right to Repair. Use as you see fit.

DMCA Section 117 pdf for Reference

Section 117 is very short and very powerful.

The Digital Right to Repair Coalition web site is up and running!

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