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Our Silver & Gold Sponsors demonstrate their highest level of commitment to the Association and service through their organization’s contribution to SIA’s mission and growth. 

This Month's Spotlight is on:

KelTech DataSafe



Keltech is a leading Canadian post-warranty maintenance service for all leading brand servers, storage, and networking equipment.  Our clients include large IT outsourcing companies, banking/financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, government, retail, and utilities.   Founded by Chris Kelly in 2007 as an alternative to the constraints of OEM maintenance. Keltech is dedicated to helping clients “make maintenance more manageable.”  an idea that resonates with our clients. This year marks our tenth anniversary and in these years we have been growing, expanding our reach to serve clients across Canada.

What we offer clients is a more personal and easier to run maintenance relationship, and also a significantly more efficient one.  Our aim is to provide managers with the ability to optimize the economics, reliability, and relevance of their data center’s post-warranty maintenance strategy.  Our contribution is their 24/7 access to a comprehensive, nationwide local based, service resource underpinned by a veteran core of technicians with long, direct experience across all the major OEM companies.   These are people who have known and respected each other’s capabilities for years and Chris was able to assemble them into a remarkable, widely respected team.

Being an independent company has certainly helped our ability to recruit the best people.   And, of course, it allows us to be significantly more flexible in our costs and contract design with clients. We can give them the right people at the right rates.  For those companies outside the country who have locations or clients in Canada, Keltech provides a ready-to-go resource with which they can quickly and reliably institute their maintenance management reach.

To learn more about us visit our website!  It’s simple to connect with Keltech, at any time.

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