barna“The financial benefit you receive will be reflected by the effort you put forth. As a result of paying close attention to what people have been speaking of and explaining all I can say is that we have, in the past 4 years, accomplished between $700K and $1M in direct revenue that we would otherwise not have had.”

Joe Barna, President CDE Services

wayne“During my second SIA meeting I connected with an attendee that ultimately led to a $1M/year contract for my company and a new friendship for me. SIA meetings are extremely valuable both in content and in connections.”

G. Wayne Moore, President Acetara Labs

youngblood“I have been involved with the SIA for many years and find it to be very valuable and insightful. SIA provides a great opportunity to network and associate with other industry professionals in a very open and informative forum. I find the SIA to be a great value to the industry as well as our company.”

Craig Youngblood, President & CEO LMS

enoch“SIA membership has presented Paladin with multiple valued relationships with service business leaders, peers, and customers. SIA events allow us to identify best practices to most effectively address current industry challenges. SIA’s greatest value to Paladin is the presence of many, varied members – most all looking to develop strong alliances.”

Enoch Timothy, President & CEO Paladin Consulting, Inc.

harris“OnForce is proud to be a member of SIA. The executive round table events are an exceptional opportunity to learn about best practices and stay current with the latest advancements within the services industry.”

George Harris, Vice President OnForce

lipson“SIA is an excellent venue for networking and an invaluable forum for learning and sharing ideas.”

Michael Lipson, Vice President MedEquip Biomedical Services

brooks“I am honored to join SIA’s board of directors. As healthcare IT and clinical engineering converge, it is important that we expand our membership to include organizations with broad perspectives on the future of healthcare technology services.”

Peter Brooks, CEO ISS Solutions

parks“I have been on the SIA Board for the past 8 years and have found networking and open service to be a great value to our industry.”

Randy Parks, President SIA

hugh“Northrop Grumman is pleased to be affiliated with the Service Industry Association. Membership has provided us with opportunity to network across the industry and to stay current with trends and advancements.”

Hugh Taylor, Chief Information Officer for Northrop Grumman Corporation

mccubbins“As a SIA Member Company, I have met a number of my peers in the Service Industry. Topics discussed at the Roundtables and Summit have helped my company target new markets to grow our depot and logistics business, and create partnering relationships with other service companies to jointly deliver service and to better understand the changing dynamics of the IT Services Industry.”

Bill McCubbins, President & CEO POSDATA